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GeoCue Group True View 410

UAV LIDAR + Dual Camera System

The True View 410 3D Imaging Sensor (3DIS) is the first solution in the True View series. The True View 410 combines a Quanergy M8 Ultra laser scanner with dual mapping cameras, providing an integrated sensor platform for collecting 3D point clouds and color imagery in a single flight.

  • GeoCue Group True View 410
GeoCue Group
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The True View 410 is a unified imaging/LIDAR solution that provides everything needed to collect and process concurrently collected imagery and laser scanned data. Post-processing software (True View Evo) is included to process raw sensor data to a geocoded, colorized point cloud, an orthomosiac and final products such as volumetrics, gridded elevation data, contour features, cross-sections and so forth (all the features of LP360 Advanced). 

The top-level specifications of the True View 410 are:

  • Quanergy M8 Ultra multi-return (up to three returns per pulse) laser scanner
    • Effective laser range – 75m
    • Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR) – 420,000 outgoing pulses per second in a 360° field of view (FOV), about 100,000 in a usable 90° FOV
  • Dual 20 MP Sony Exmor 1” sensor cameras with mechanical shutters, electronic mid-exposure pulse (for GNSS synchronization) and fixed focus lenses. This camera is custom built for GeoCue.
  • Fused imagery FOV from dual oblique cameras – 120°
  • Applanix APX-15 Position and Orientation System (POS)
  • Rigid milled aluminum main frame
  • Operating modes – Imagery only, laser data only, combined imagery/laser (default)
  • Data transfer via USB memory stick (USB Mass Storage, UMS)
  • > 1 Hour battery life
  • System is controlled via a plain text configuration file
  • System operation and power is totally independent from the drone platform
  • System mass is about 2.25 kg (including battery)
  • Optional mounting kit for the DJI Matrice M600

True View 410 is available as a traditional purchase or as an “evergreen” Hardware as a Service (HaaS) subscription model. 


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